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Is Christianity True?

This is a retro-post.  I am posting it in 2008 to fill out my archives a little bit, but I first wrote it in June 2006.  Here are the issues I was going through then:

           I became a Christian after one summer when God got a hold of my life.  Suddenly I became convinced that God was real because of the experiences I had had with Him that summer.  All my objections to Christianity were circumvented when I found out that it was real, that God is real and wants us to know Him.  I soon joined a charismatic church and had even more encounters with the power of God.  I was so hungry for something that was spiritually real, and here I found it.

            My dilemma came when I encountered one of the basic commands of the Christian life: go and share the good news with others.  Now I had a commission to share my faith in order to be obedient to the one I had found was real.  I soon found that not everyone else was as aware that He is real, and I had serious difficulty telling others.  Specifically, I found myself butting up against the issue of pluralism.  It was easy to use my experience to counter atheism, since I had personal evidence that God does in fact exist.  But it was not so easy to prove that my interpretation of my experience was the right one.  To put it another way, I could be sure that I had encountered God through Jesus, but I had no experiential grounds to tell people they had not encountered God unless it was through Jesus.

            In my first semester at seminary I took an apologetics class where we discussed this question thoroughly.  I learned that the Christian answer to other religions is (and always has been) the resurrection of Jesus.  I had always been aware that the crucifixion and resurrection are the theological center of the Christian faith.  Now I found that it was also the epistemological center.  In other words, everything we know to be true within Christian theology, we know because Jesus rose from the dead, plain and simple.

            The disappointing part about this discovery is that it seems like an awfully shaky foundation to base one’s entire life on.  If my entire faith is based on this point, then I cannot use the rest of my faith to support it, or else it results in circular reasoning.  However the historical reasons for believing in it are not terribly convincing.  Oh, the counter-arguments that he did not rise from the dead are not very strong either, but that is not enough to prove that it did happen.

            Two thousand years ago, a handful of people became thoroughly convinced that their leader had risen from the dead, and therefore that he was truly the Messiah, and therefore so-on-and-so-forth.  They became so convinced that they were willing to be martyred for it.  So every alternative explanation for what happened is faulty.  So what?  When I watch illusionists to performance tricks I have no good explanations for how they did what they did, but I know that there is some explanation – they told me so themselves.  Just because I can’t come up with the alternative explanation doesn’t mean that there isn’t a good one (and probably way out of my ability to conceive of).

            And then there is the problem of the ascension.  If the whole basis of the Christian faith is the resurrection of Jesus, then why didn’t He stick around?

            If the resurrection did not happen, then Christian doctrine is not true.  However, a Christian’s faith in God may continue to be just as real.  In other words, if Christian theology is not accurate, that doesn’t mean that God doesn’t meet us where we are at anyway.  This would leave me at the point of a more broad-based theism.  Seeing as I am still a thoroughly committed charismatic, it leaves me at the point of a sort of supernatural theism.

            This is my current roadblock.  Until I can get past this, I don’t think I can continue to pursue training for Christian ministry.  Help me Lord.

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  1. June 18, 2009 at 1:45 am


    First of all, that “God is real’ everybody shares that.. So some say he found God in Islam, others in Christianity, another in Buddhism, some more in Hinduism and in so on and in so forth. But the very moment they found God, He throws them all apart.

    “ O the God you found is not God, but the God I found is God!” says one to his opposite. Then everybody is willing to die for the God he found. For the atheists no body really care who God is.

    In the midst of that there’s one who found God but doubted Him again and again and again for God so loves Him so he made him doubted Him because he has not really found Him but according to the story pass down to him which he believed without reserved when he was young.

    He claimed he experienced God, his opposite also claimed He experienced God. O my God who is right! Both are right for God is generous without reserved to all His creatures. Look! The witch doctor in Africa can cure sickness and drive away evil spirit as effective as a priest. But ain’t God is behind all that who listened to every prayers?

    So for so long as one lived in this world and for so long as God is the Sustainer of the worlds, God has no created every creature in vain. All prayers will be answered. Were the Christians better off for they believed in Christ?

    What’s so great about rising from the dead? Has we not all risen from the dead? Were we were not all in existence (in souls) when we were not yet in flesh? What is so significant about rising from the dead, is that without rising from the dead God is not God a doctrine is not a doctrine? You make it a point that rising from the dead is significant while others found it absurd with equal enough counter arguments. Hence you find it convoluting to spread the words when you know others are far ahead ready for you. Are you not guilty of conscience to convince others when you yourself are not convinced.

    Has not so many died but for a wrong cause but like to call themselves martyrs.

    So you asked God for help but will you not for once try to realize that God’s voice wouldn’t reach you if you still hold on the same ground.

    And are you convinced that one day God’s light will reflect on you when you still carry that dirt on you?

    With all sincerity,


  2. July 2, 2009 at 7:02 am


    ‘And there is the problem of the ascension”, you say. Of course you mean something else.

    If you could remember, there’s 32 Christian scholars of the highest eminence supported by 52 co-operating Christian denominations who said that the ascension mentioned in the Bible, only in two places (Mark 16: 19; Luke 24: 51) were fabrications. They said according to their research in ancient manuscripts (200 to 600 years after Christ), they were not found. So the 52 co-operating Christian denominations agreed with them and the verses were thrown out of Mark and Luke. Hence you find millions of Bible without them.

    But then the 52 co-operating Christian denominations found the belief in Christ divinity is in vain without the ascension as Paul’s had said. So they made Mark and Luke reclaimed the verses. As a result you find back the verses in millions of today’s Bible.

    Don’t you agree with me there’s seemed a tussle between Christian theology and scriptural (manuscripts) evidences?


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