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Questions about the Resurrection of Jesus

I have an upcoming two page paper where I will be writing on some of my faith issues regarding the resurrection of Jesus and its implications for theology.

  • This is not merely an academic issue.  The rub comes in having to do ministry.
  • Theology is not useful because it is based on a “leap of faith,” but biblical knowledge is useful because it is true knowledge, even if only about historical fact.
  • Epistemological foundation of faith
  • Resurrection by itself (apart from my faith experience, which it must, since it is logically prior to it) seems implausible; add the ascension, the second coming, and the general resurrection to it and it sounds downright absurd.
  • Even if Jesus was raised from the dead, how can we justify the theological points that Paul and others derived from it?
  • Experience can only get me as far as theism in general, not to Christianity in particular.
  • Given the facts surrounding Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection, the best answer is not necessarily the resurrection but rather agnosticism.  Just because we cannot come up with better reasons to explain 1)the disciples’ belief, 2)Paul’s belief, 3) James’ belief, and 4) the empty tomb (if there was one), does not mean there is not one.  In fact, we would expect it to be hidden if those who had intended to deceive had really done their job.  We can rule out the disciples themselves, for they seem to be really convinced, to the point of martyrdom.  But how about the Roman soldiers? …some zealots or crazed men? …Judas? …Jesus himself?  I believe that Penn and Teller could pull it off and I would be none the wiser. 
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