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Twenty Questions I Hope to Get Answered In Seminary

Old Testament

1.        What is a Christian’s relationship with the Mosaic covenant and ethnic Israel?

2.        What is the relevance of the Old Testament for a Christian?

3.        How can I get the most out of the book of Psalms?

4.        How can we reconcile holy war (in Joshua, for instance) with Jesus’ ethics in a way that does not simply spiritualize the text?

New Testament

5.        What are implications of Mark’s “discipleship failure” theme, especially for developing a philosophy of ministry that avoids their mistakes?

6.        What are the ethical implications of the strong statements about social concern and materialism in the gospel of Luke?

7.        How do we deal with issues of historicity in John’s gospel in light of the synoptics?

8.        What did the biblical writers believe about the spiritual world, especially regarding angels and demons?  What light do the inter-testamental writings provide?

9.        What hermeneutical principles did the NT authors use to interpret scripture, and should the same principles be normative for us?

10.     What is the meaning of Jesus’ ascension in light of the apologetic difficulties it poses?

Church history

11.     Where has the church come from, especially in the period from Constantine to Luther?

12.     Where is the church going, in light of what the Holy Spirit been doing through history?

13.     Where do my story and my local church’s story fit in the overall Story?

Systematic theology

14.     What do I believe about the inspiration of scripture, especially in view of a pluralistic society?

15.     How can I resolve the philosophical difficulties that accompany a belief in eternal damnation?


16.     What is my view of war, pacifism, and the just war theory?

17.     How would I briefly and cogently sum up the biblical teachings on divorce and remarriage?

18.     What can I do to address the issue of homosexuality in a way that is faithful to the Bible but will not marginalize me, especially in a campus environment?

Ministries and practices

19.     What is the purpose of our corporate meetings: worship, teaching, or evangelism?  What role should preaching play?  Why do we worship?  Are there better ways to “do church”?

20.   What kinds of programs could our church implement to best fulfill our vision?  What is the relationship between programming and maintaining a genuine dependence on the Holy Spirit?

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