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Some Thoughts About Blogging

I am still trying to sort out my identity in the blogosphere, who I am and what I am all about. Last week I was telling everyone I knew about blogging and about some of the issues I have been dealing with, like inclusivism and inerrancy. And as soon as I’ve gotten you all to start reading my blog, I stop posting. Sorry about that. Now lest you write this off as just another apology-for-not-blogging post (which I hate almost as much as “Under construction” web pages), I promise I have a greater purpose here.

Mostly I’ve been spending my blogging time trying to catch up on reading other people’s blogs and submitting (what I hope to be) thoughtful reflection. Here’s some of what I’ve been interested in:

  1. Brian LePort has been looking at interpretive issues related to the Old Testament poetry books. His analysis seems quite close to Vanhoozer’s proposal that the primary purpose of scripture is not to convey propositional truths, but rather to provide everything we need to live out the Christian life.
  2. Speaking of which, Ben Myers featured a guest post by Byron Smith reviewing Vanhoozer’s, The Drama of Doctrine. Dr. Vanhoozer was my theology professor last fall and is quickly becoming one of my biggest theological influences.
  3. My friend Jake has a great meditation on Psalm 50 and offering sacrifices to God.
  4. Brandon Wason has been conducting an informal poll regarding the so-called synoptic problem. I weighed in with my two-cents, which in turn got quoted on Mark Goodacre’s blog, that blog that is currently ranked as the #1 Biblical Studies blog by Amazon’s UnSpun. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to have made it into a “real” blog!
  5. Scot McKnight offered a great list on what it takes to be a successful blogger. It got me asking why I am blogging in the first place. Really I’m blogging for me, to try to work out my own thoughts on different theological issues I’m dealing with. But if I’m going to have a “good” blog, I have to do some blogging that is purely for you, the reader.

This leads me to my two questions. First, now that at least a few people are reading my blog, my blog title feels all the more pretentious. “Real” scholars don’t need to call attention to the fact that they are scholars; their work speaks for itself. Only a scholar-wannabe would use the word “scholar” in his own blog title. My defense? Okay, I admit it. I’m a scholar-wannabe. I am just that much more aware of it now. Should I change the title?

Which leads me to the second question. I ask myself what I’m good at, and I arrived at this conclusion: I’m good at asking questions. Is there a market for a blog that majors in asking questions? All I know is that I have all sorts of questions that I’m trying to sort through. That’s why I’m hungry… hungry for answers, for truth.

So how much of blogging should be for the blogger, and how much for others? What do you all think?

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