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Theological proclamations

I confess that I blew off the confessions meme that was so prominent in the theoblogosphere because it seemed like it was turning into an ironically hubristic enterprise, becoming a vehicle for people to “confess” things they were already saying (or usually ranting about) anyway. I proclaim that the proclamations meme started by Halden is a worthwhile meme.

I confess that the word proclamation conjures up memories from my camp counselor days when, at the slightest mention of the word announcement, the entire camp would break into the song, “Announcements, announcements, announcements; what a terrible way to die, what a horrible way to die, what a terrible way to be bored to death, what a horrible way to die; announcement, announcements, announcements.” Thus we were forced to give ‘proclamations’ instead. It still sort of freaks me out. As I attempt to force such horrible memories out of my mind, here are my proclamations:

I proclaim: that propositional truth is necessary but not sufficient for an adequate theological system.

I proclaim: that theology is not a list of hard-and-fast doctrines but about entering ‘the great conversation’.

I proclaim: that theology is meaningless unless it is infused with life by the Holy Spirit.

I proclaim: that Wayne Grudem is a fabulous model for attempting to infuse theology with the life of the Holy Spirit but a dismal failure at participating in ‘the great conversation.’

I proclaim: that one of my greatest theological fantasies is getting Jim West to speak in tongues.

I proclaim: that Jesus sent His disciples out to preach the gospel, heal the sick, and cast out demons, and we are not at liberty pick-and-choose which we will throw out.

I proclaim: that most liturgical churches are no longer properly contextualized within their given cultures.

I proclaim: that N.T. Wright is amazing when he speaks as a New Testament scholar and mediocre when he speaks as an Anglican.

I proclaim: that evangelicals need to recognize that they are not the only Christians, and non-evangelicals need to recognize that evangelicals are not all out to lunch.

I proclaim: that reformed theology offers the best theological options on just about everything but the five points.

I proclaim: that Augustine’s contributions to theology have been almost completely disastrous.

I proclaim: that dispensationalism is the most absurd and bizarre theological system ever devised.

I proclaim: that nature itself teaches that theologians ought to drink beer (especially dark beers and microbrews).

I proclaim: that more theologians need to live out their faith, and more people who are living out their faith need to read theology.

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  1. J. K. Jones
    July 6, 2007 at 2:52 pm

    How can you have a great conversation about theology without communicating hard and fast truths about theology?

  2. R.T. Jones
    July 10, 2007 at 1:59 pm

    J.K., Of course you cannot have any kind of theological conversation without communicating hard and fast truths. I am not sure if you are agreeing with me or attempting to disagree. Your point begins to unpack what I mean by propositional truth being necessary. But I am also arguing that propositions alone are not sufficient to capture the heart of Christian theology any more than they are able to capture the heart of any relationship. Theology is a lot more than propositions, but it is certainly not less.

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