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Nominations for Christian Music Superbowl I

Jake is starting up the first-ever Christian music superbowl, where he will pair up different Christian recording artists and have people vote on who beats whom. It should be great fun. Jake is asking for nominations for bands. I am not nearly as knowledgeable about the scene as some others are (especially the kind of cool indie stuff Jake usually writes on), but I thought I’d post my own list of three artists who ought to make the list.

1. Leonard Jones. Leonard is the worship leader at Morning Star Church, pastored by Rick Joyner. He leads the greatest worship team I have ever heard. This is true jam band worship and they rarely have a song that times in at less than eight minutes.

2. Glenn Kaiser. Glenn is the frontman for REZ/the Resurrection band, which was one of the key Jesus People bands. He is also the head of JPUSA (Jesus People USA) which puts on Cornerstone music festival each year.

3. Burlap to Cashmere. I saw these guys play years ago at Summerfest in Milwaukee. They are great instrumentalists and are a lot of fun. The song that first hooked me was “Diggy Dime” from their first album, which is (I think) in 5/8 time. From the same album, “Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth” is probably the coolest Christian song based on a cheesy bumper sticker phrase that I’ve ever heard.

By the way, don’t miss the opportunity to become part of the bucket brigade and get yourself a free Josh Clubb CD. I haven’t participated yet, but perhaps soon…

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