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Christian Music Superbowl I

Okay. No one I know that reads my blog has voted on the first round of Jake’s Christian Music Superbowl I yet. Tonight is your last night. After that it will be too late. Perhaps you think Christian music sucks and have just blown it off. Well most Christian music does suck, but not the artists that have made it into the FIRST EVER Christian Superbowl. Oh no. These guys are good. And if all you know of Christian music is what you hear on your local Christian radio, then you probably know four of the sixty-four artists that have made the first cut.

Jake says, “[Y]ou’ll see bands like Newsboys, Audio Adrenaline, and Third Day in the lineup. Few of my readers consider themselves fans of the more “normal” CCM bands, but since I felt they’ve made a significant mark in the world of Christian Music, I included them. Besides, as much as I respect the major label bands, I thought it’d be fun to see Third Day get crushed by Agents of Future or Newsboys get stomped by Menomena. Sort of a Revenge of the Nerds moment in the making. All in good fun, though.”

Maybe you’ve thought to yourself, “but I don’t know the bands.” Well, you have a music link right there that is good for seven days. What better way to get acquainted with Christian music that doesn’t suck.

Maybe you think to yourself, “I hate the term Christian music.” Well so do a lot of people. Jake isn’t that fond of it himself either. He has a great series going about whether Christian music best describes this music. Anyway, it’s all kinds of fun.

Plus, did I mention that I thought up the idea? Jake’s visitor traffic is two or three orders of magnitude bigger than mine. So he can pull something like this off. But he’s giving away away mp3s. I could give away mp3s, but it would be me singing into my mp3 recorder, and I’m sure you would all love that.

Please do check out Jake’s blog. Round 2 starts up on Friday.

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  1. Jake
    December 19, 2007 at 9:25 am

    Wow! That Christian Music Superbowl sounds amazing. I should really check it out.

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