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Two memes

Bryan recently tagged me with two memes: the ‘seven little known things‘ meme and the ‘what’s in your/on your‘ meme. I’ll do them both as one post, but I’m not going to tag anyone at the end. It’s like multi-level marketing. After you’ve done it once and gotten all your friends involved, you are more hesitant to do it again. So if you want to be tagged, leave a comment and I’ll tag. I promise. Please specify which meme(s) you want to be tagged for, since these are two different threads, and ought not to get tangled.

Meme #1 – Share seven little know things about yourself.
1. I had the leading role, Ebenezer Scrooge, in my fourth grade class play.
2. I wore a UCLA T-shirt to my first real concert, Metallica, in 9th grade. I had all kinds of real concert T-shirts that I could have (and should have) worn, but I have always hated doing things just because everyone else is doing it.
3. During my first week in the dorms at college, I blasted Madonna’s Immaculate Collection as loud as I could in my room. I had all kinds of other more appropriate CDs that I could have (and should have) played loudly, but I have always hated shunning pop culture just because all the ‘cool alternative people’ are doing it.
4. I signed up for Latin in college because I wanted to read the Bible in its original language. I figured out in the first week that the Bible wasn’t written in Latin, but I took three semesters anyway. I have never done a thing with it. (A little like learning Russian to read Marx in his original language.)
5. I can recite the alphabet backwards in less than three seconds.
6. I routinely consider moving to another country (England, Israel, India, and Costa Rica are among the options that I often think of) but I probably never will.
7. I’m a total neat freak. Oh wait, no, I’m not. I’m the total opposite of a neat freak, whatever that would be called.

Meme #2 – What’s in your/on your:
CD player?
The Ancient Church, lecture 5 (for a distance ed course). On my mp3 player I have the first three lectures of Church History by Gerald Bray. You can get all kinds of free evangelical seminary courses at biblicaltraining.org.

DVD player?
It’s empty. I think the kids were watching a VeggieTales Larryboy show last. I don’t actually watch movies. I’m a Christian after all. 🙂 Actually the last movie I watched was Babylon 5: A Call to Arms. At the beginning of the year we borrowed season 1 of Babylon 5 and we finally finished all five seasons plus all five movies. Good times.

To Read list?
Henry Chadwick, The Early Church; J.N.D. Kelly, Early Christian Doctrines; Jaroslav Pelikan, The Emergence of the Catholic Tradition (All for the same distance ed course, though the Pelikan book is part of 1000 pages reading that I get to choose for myself, and was on my to read list already).
I am still only half-way through Kevin Vanhoozer’s Drama of Doctrine. It’s a great book, but I keep stopping after each chapter to read other books. That’s everything on the front burners right now. To see what’s on the back burners, see my Amazon wish list.

To see list?
The Parthenon, Paris, Rome and Vatican City, the Great Wall of China, Machu Picchu, the Great Pyramids

I spend too much time on the computer. Also I’m thinking about the relationship between theology and knowledge, and the Resurrection of Jesus – both especially in terms of comments I have recently gotten, both on my blog and through email. This kind of stuff usually takes me a week or two to process.

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