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The Bible is not for Children

Halden at Inhabitatio Dei writes about a hilarious dispensationalist poster that depicts (among other things) Noah’s flood with a couple of little drowning people outside of the ark.  This reminds me just how disturbing it is that so many children’s decorative items have a Noah’s Ark theme.  Do people not understand that the story of the flood is the most devastating story of God’s judgment and wrath in the entire Bible?

 A few years ago my kids had a Noah’s Ark computer program.  It had little animated characters that you could click on and interact with.  In about a dozen scenes it told the story of Noah’s flood.  Two scenes in particular stood out.  The first was the scene that showed how bad the earth had gotten.  It showed a house where, first, a child hit another child with a toy.  Then the mother asked her daughter a question about stealing a toy and her daughter lied to her.  This apparently was the great wickedness on the earth that demanded judgment.  Children misbehaved.  Yipes, maybe the Westborough church is right that God hates America and is about to bring judgment.  We have misbehaving brats everywhere.

But the worst scene was the actual flood itself.  Noah, his wife, and children got safely aboard the ark.  As the waters came up, a child from the future (with whom the kids are intended to identify) was safely riding a piece of driftwood and laughing like he was in a waterpark.  But the naughty kids that had disobeyed were stuck in the water.  As the waters came up one naughty kid’s head disappeared under the water.  Another kid tried to grab hold of another piece of driftwood, but a raven came down and pecked her into the water.  And I immediately thought to myself, um, I don’t think the Bible is for children.

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