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The Soteriology Bloggersation

Check out the ‘blogersation’ (or ‘blogversation’, ‘blogalogue’, ‘blogologue’, or ‘diablogue’ depending on who’s writing and when) between James McGrath, Michael Halcomb, Drew Tatusko, and Ken Brown.  (The ‘table of contents’ for the various posts is located here.)  They are discussing issues of Christian soteriology, debating exclusivist and inclusivist positions.  The format is where each participant writes a post in his own blog and links to the others.  This is fine if you are an active participant, but it is difficult to follow through a reader, especially if you (like me) missed a day or two.  I am agreeing with just about everything James is saying.  (And for what it’s worth, I find these posts significantly more fun to read than his apologetics for Darwin.  But that’s just because I actually care about this issue.)

Oh, how I have things I would like to say.  But contributing to the discussion at the level I would like to would require far more time than I have available.  At some point I would like to drop some thoughts about John Hick’s pluralist model and the contribution I think he makes to the discussion.  But that’s going to have to wait for now.  Any time I promise to post something, I end up feeling weighed down until I post it.  Since I hate that feeling, I’m not promising anything.

Anyway, I’m enjoying the discussion so far.  Thanks guys.

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