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Prayer: You Don’t Have Because You Don’t Ask

A few weeks ago in homeschool we were going through the 1200s, when Richard the Lionhearted went off on the 3rd crusade, and his brother, John Lackland, assumed the throne in his absence.  This is the time period when Robin Hood is set, so we rented the newly released Disney Robin Hood DVD.  In the few days we had the movie the kids watched it over and over as many times as I would let them.

So all day today my daughter was begging me to rent it again.  I finally agreed.  But I decided to surprise the kids by taking them to buy it instead of just renting it.  So the kids had no idea what we were doing when we walked into Walmart.  We got to the video section and I had them get the video.  Of course my daughter was thrilled.

I was surprised as my son’s reaction, though.  Rather than being thrilled that we were getting a video that I had agreed only to rent, he threw a little fit that he didn’t get to get another video.  I told him that other videos are not what we came for.  The kids had been asking me off and on for the past few weeks to get Robin Hood, so finally we were getting it.

I wonder how often we do that with God.  James 4 says we don’t have because we don’t ask.  The kids continually asked me to rent the video.  If they hadn’t asked, I never would have gotten it.  But because they kept asking, I thought it would be fun to go above and beyond what they had asked for.  I think God is just waiting for us to ask and He is willing to go above and beyond what we could ever ask or think.  But we don’t bother asking and then we’re frustrated when we don’t get our way.  We need to pray.

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