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Free mp3 series: The Book of Revelation

I am currently preaching through the biblical book of Revelation on Wednesday nights at Cornerstone Church in Oconomowoc, WI.  Mp3s (and also streaming audio), and copies of the PowerPoint and handouts are available at the Cornerstone website.  We are attempting to read through the book as scripture rather than as a map of the end times for the morbidly curious.  That is to say, I believe that 2 Timothy 3.16 applies as much to the book of Revelation as to any other biblical book, certainly any New Testament book: Revelation is somehow useful for teaching, reproof, correction, and training in righteousness.  In other words, there is wisdom here for our daily lives, not just sensationalistic speculation or fodder for bad fiction.  I am much indebted to Gordon Fee, who has become my “patron saint” of sane interpretation of the book of Revelation.  His thoughts on the topic can be found in Real Audio here and here.  If you have a chance to listen to the sermon series, let me know what you think.

  1. July 3, 2008 at 3:13 pm

    I just started listening to your sermon on The Seven Churches. To get all charismatic on you: I was quickly blessed by the passion and love of God that came through in your voice and the background voices of your church members. It sounds like you are part of a special community. There is something that came through immediately. A sense of zeal and holy passion came through immediately. May God bless you, your family, and church family with more of His presence.

  2. July 7, 2008 at 7:19 pm

    Thanks for the encouragement! I am after all a charismatic preaching in a charismatic church, so I regularly pray for things like ‘the anointing of the Holy Spirit’ and that sort of thing. Preaching is a whole different side of me that people don’t usually get to see on my blog. But I actually do have a measure of faith behind all my questions. 🙂

  3. July 8, 2008 at 1:34 pm

    FYI the new link for the Revelation MP3s is here: http://www.cornerstoneworld.net/lakecountry/resources/revelation.html

  4. August 3, 2008 at 7:02 am

    I see you are a fan of N. T. Wright, well have a think on this which is taken from his “Jerusalem in the New Testament”:

    “Finally something must be said, despite its difficulties, concerning the book of Revelation. The above presentation adds some weight to the quite controversial thesis that the city which is to be destroyed (the ‘great whore’ that has become drunk with the blood of the saints) is to be identified, not with Rome, but with Jerusalem. As with any interpretation of Revelation there are problems with this, but there are also some strong arguments in favour. First, the whole symmetry of the picture of the whore and the bride (the city that symbolizes rebellion against God and the city that exemplifies salvation and obedience) suggests that, if the new city is the New Jerusalem, that with which this Bride is contrasted is likely to be the Old Jerusalem. Second, although it is popular in scholarly circles to see mentions of the persecution of the church as indications of Roman persecution, it remains the case that far and away the best evidence we possess for sustained and regular attacks on Christians in the first century is the evidence for the attacks carried out by Jews, not least by Jews in, or based in, Jerusalem. If the early church heeded Jesus’ teaching in any way, and regarded the present Jerusalem as at best ambiguous, and at worst as the focal point of that national idolatry which was leading the nation into ruin, then it would be natural for them to share his attitude, according to which Jerusalem had come to symbolize all that was resistant to the gospel and violently opposing the very existence of a counter-Israel, a new people of God; moreover, insofar as the Christians represented one version of a peace movement within pre-war Judaism, they would come in for fierce persecution from the various more militant groups. This provides, not of course the only, but at least a plausible Sitz im Leben in which to locate the book. It also confirms again the overriding approach to the earthly Jerusalem in the New Testament, namely that with the coming of Christ it had lost its former significance: the ‘new had come’.

  5. September 29, 2008 at 4:12 am

    Richard, thanks for the comment. I have recently come back to this view after flip flopping to the view that the whore is Rome. The biggest thing that convinced me is that, if she does not represent Jerusalem then there is no imagery in Revelation that refers to the “synagogue of Satan” which occupies such a prominent position in the letters to the seven churches.

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