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Why Post-Liberalism is Almost True

I asked the other day, what’s so bad about Heresy? I wondered will it actually short-circuit your salvation or not.  I have difficulty reconciling Biblical passages that spell out what is required for salvation with the later definition of orthodoxy, including the Trinity and a correct understanding of the nature of Christ.  I just don’t buy it that if you have these wrong, you cannot be saved, even if you fully understand the propositions.  It’s not that I am saying that I am not orthodox, or don’t think orthodoxy is important.  I just don’t know that I agree that it is essential for salvation.

Well it occurred to me today that I am actually quite close to post-liberalism on this.  Post-liberals believe that orthodoxy is not a soteriological category (not an issue of salvation) but of ecclesiology (what constitutes the church).  For post-liberals, we ought to believe in the Trinity not so much because it’s true (or perhaps even despite the fact that it is actually not true), but because it is what the church decided.  Perhaps a better way to say it is that, for post-liberals, it is true BECAUSE the church decided it.  Now that’s where I differ.  If it is true, it is true because it accords with reality.  But I think we would both agree that it is not an essential issue for salvation.

Of course the biggest difference is the level of our certainty.  Post-liberals have put forth their ideas as fully-formed hypotheses.  I am merely throwing out an idea to kick it around, like when you stay up until 3:30 in the morning talking about all sorts of crazy philosophical ideas.  Yeah, it’s kinda like that.  Let me know what you think.

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