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Joe the Plumber

John McCain did more to explain the conservative view of taxation with the Joe the Plumber illustration than I’ve ever seen done before.  Obama wants to stick it to the “rich guys”, but the rich guys just aren’t really that rich.  They’ve got all their money tied up in their businesses.  They’re working hard and taking risks to push forward.  And liberals want to stick it to them.

Look.  I have five kids.  We have almost no money.  We barely pay taxes, and what we do pay is mostly at the state level.  You can’t give a tax cut to people who aren’t paying taxes.  It’s easy to point the finger at the “rich guy” and say he ought to pay more taxes.  My dad is a small business owner.  He is hoping to retire, but he can’t because his company is his entire retirement fund.  He owes 2 million dollars on it yet.  If he can find a buyer, he has to sell for substantially more than 2 million because capital gains tax will be taken out before he pays off the company debt.  So he spent his whole life risking, working, putting in long hours and worrying about the state of his company.  And all that so Obama can stick it to “the rich guy”.

I don’t blog about politics much.  Actually ever.  But I think this is an important issue.  By the way, our toilet started leaking yesterday.  Do you think Joe the Plumber might be available?  We could sure use his help.

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