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How to Redefine Yourself

It has been a strange experience working in the town I grew up in. I haven’t really lived there for close to twenty years. If I run into anyone I know, I expect them to be like they were in high school. Of course that’s just silly. I’m nothing like I was in high school. For starters, I had a lot more hair back then.

It occurs to me that, in general, each person goes through some sort of major change every five years. In some real sense you can say, “I am not the person I was five years ago.” Maybe your maturity has changed. Maybe you have had a dramatic vocational change. Maybe you experienced a single moment that has stuck with you ever since. Whatever it is, I think it’s pretty consistent with everyone I know. If you haven’t seen the person for five years, you will not be able to pick up where you left off until you find out how they have changed. If it’s been longer, you can expect that the person has had some measure of being redefined two times, three times, or more.

What do you think? Does my theory work in your life? How about in the lives of your close friends or family?

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